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Sexual Kung Fu Practice by Loren Johnson

Sexual energy is one of the greatest powers we have access to in the human realm.  Learning to tap that creative, life giving force in a skillful way is the objective of the various tantric sexual practices.  Sexual kung fu, the Chinese medical form of tantric sex, literally means skillful practice of sex.  Practice consists of cultivating extremely high levels of arousal in the context of yoga.  In this way, the high degree of energy brought into the body and brain may be utilized in a balanced way that optimizes the sexual experience itself as well as overall health and vitality.

I practice a wide range of solo and partnered practices from traditional Indian Tantra and Taoist Sexual Kung Fu. I began my erotic practice twelve years ago with solo cultivation which allowed me to become familiar with channelling erotic energy before attempting the more advanced realm of dual cultivation with a partner.  One’s own body is a great teacher.  Through the exploration of sexuality in the context of my daily yoga practice and by listening to my body, I was able to experience the benefits that enhanced sexual power had on my physical, energetic and cognitive levels of being.

The only caution I issue prospective students is avoid extremes.  Given the countless methods of avoiding ejaculation, it is easy to assume that physical release should be avoided altogether.  For the first three years of my tantric sexual practice, I had but one physical ejaculation per year.  Grant it, I had countless internal orgasms, but there was tenseness in my being that was noticeable to myself and my partners.  Instead of preventing or stopping anything, I now focus on simply prolonging the orgasm.  That way, there is ease in body and mind right from the beginning.  Furthermore, when done correctly throughout time, the tantric methods of transforming sexual energy simply expand orgasm.  Like transforming water into steam, the vital essence contained in the sexual fluid is drawn upwards, into the body and brain.  At that point, the energy is contained and it becomes almost irrelevant whether physical ejaculation is reached or not.

You can learn more about Loren Johnson’s kung-fu practice in his two video classes: Sexual Kung-Fu and Palm Springs Tantric Yoga.

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