Non-Binary Solo Practice

Pawel’s Pleasure Body Song

The individuals sharing their solo sex sessions in this section identify as “non-binary,” which means they don’t identify exclusively as a man or a woman. They might feel themselves a mix of genders or even a new gender. Some non-binary folks feel they have no gender at all. Dylan Vade, one of the creator’s of this website, coined the term “gender galaxy.” They explain: “I have gender claustrophobia and need a big space.”

Do non-binary folks practice Orgasmic Yoga differently from those who identify solely as men or women?  Everyone has their own unique ways of erotically celebrating themselves. Enjoy and learn from the astonishing diversity in all the solo erotic practice videos. Pawel’s Pleasure Body Song is a powerful invitation to daily erotic practice. Enroll Now.

Rob*in’s First Hands-Free Session

Practicing Hands-Free Arousal is done standing while moving and thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or vibrator. The hands, liberated from genital stimulation habits, can now touch and play with all parts of the body. This practice disrupts chronic chest tension and enables feelings of freedom, openness and ease of breathing. Enroll Now.