Women's Solo Practice

Women's Studies Department: Exploring Arousal

Watching and enjoying the women in this class pleasure themselves can be transformational if you are fully present. Be sure to breathe deeply. Remember, mindful erotic practice is the sexual medicine of the 21st century.

“The relative invisibility of women’s masturbation infects women’s consciousness about how they talk about, think about, and engage in masturbation,” writes Professor Breanne Fahs in a 2014 article in the Journal of Sex Research. Enroll Now.

I'll Have What She's Having

Liz Wilson, a somatic sex educator, makes a practice of enjoying all of her erectile tissue. She begins her session by massaging the legs of her clitoris and her vestibular bulbs. She then strokes and caresses her clitoral shaft and surrounding tissue. After her whole vulva is awakened, she goes inside, pleasuring her urethral and perineal sponges. Liz knows where to find her "buried treasure." Enroll Now.


Poetry in Practice

Letta Neely begins slow and easy, caressing her whole body. “Learn your body,” she says in her soundtrack poem. As her session evolves, she focuses more on arousal and excitement. Letta’s chant as she masturbates calls upon herself to “open to the goddess inside.” Her message to us all as we masturbate: “Liberate yourself.”

Erotic Yogi Letta Neely is a poet and performance artist. Her books can be purchased on Amazon. Some of her poetry readings and performances are available on youtube.com. Enroll Now.

Divine Nectar - The Magic of Female Ejaculation

This practice involves a placement of attention on the urethral sponge, coupled with stimulation and pressure from a finger or toy. This can be a new experience for many women. At the beginning of the practice, some women experience numbness or even pain. But with continued exploration and patience, tissues reawaken and pleasure become possible. Deborah Sundahl, the major teacher of female ejaculation, tells of several months of practice before she even felt pleasure in her urethral sponge area. Enroll Now.

Breasts, Breasts, Breasts!

“The breasts are a central part of a woman’s sexual anatomy. Mindful breast touch can be highly pleasurable. Many women, however, are not enthusiastic about including the breasts in their sex play. They have experienced sloppy or boring breast touch, and over time have numbed out any potential pleasure from their breasts. Many men are intimidated when touching breasts, because they feel like they don’t do it quite right or they give up after being discouraged by the lack of response from their female lovers.” www.pleasuremechanics.com.

This class invites women and men to give and receive breast massage as a mindfulness practice. Enroll Now.

Solo Rope Bondage

Orgasmic Yoga involving Japanese-style inspired rope bondage and other styles of rope play can be fun and erotic.  The three sessions shown here will introduce you to different approaches rope bondage. If you are not experienced with rope, we recommend not playing with rope by yourself.

Some warnings: Never use a gag in your solo sessions. Never tie yourself to something immovable and never combine solo rope bondage with alcohol.  Madison Young gags herself in her scene but she doesn’t bind her arms so she can remove the gag at will. Enroll Now.