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Guidance for Learning from Videos

Guidance for Learning from Videos on This Site

from Joseph Kramer

Is it possible to learn erotic touch online? Of course it is! After running a massage school and teaching hundreds of erotic touch classes, I decided to make touch education inexpensive and available to those interested. I have filmed world-class teachers of touch and gathered excellent sex education videos from other amazing teachers. To help you get the most out of your online experience, here are some simple strategies to learning sex online.

  1. Navigating the Videos:

The Video Classes dropdown menu lists categories of video classes you may be interested in. When you click on a chosen category, you will see a list of classes with short descriptions. Once you have chosen one of these classes, you will be taken to that class page. You will then see a larger description of that class and a listing of the videos within that class. Be sure to read the descriptions. This text gives you guidance in learning from the videos.

2. How To Learn from Sex Education Videos:

Erotic touch and sexual skills are like yoga or swimming or playing a musical instrument – you learn by doing them, by practicing them. Passively watching videos might be entertaining, but it is not educational. These videos are guides for your practice sessions. You can practice on yourself and you can even move your hands to practice on an imaginary other. Unless you have a photographic memory, watching now and practicing later doesn’t work.


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