Men's Solo Practice

Your Junk is Someone's Treasure

The state of sexual arousal generated by masturbating represents a resource one can learn to use. If you frequently masturbate but don't make optimal use of your arousal, perhaps the embodied men in this section will inspire you and even show you some erotic skills that will get you moving.  All of these men started masturbating as boys in the traditional frozen, almost motionless manner.  As adults, they all learned new erotic ways. Check out how these men now play with themselves. Enroll Now.


Jack's Erotic Body Scan

Jack explores sexual arousal in more than 25 different places within his body. As he goes through this interoceptive process, he names what he feels within each part of his body. He is often surprised by how different sexual arousal feels in each part of his body. He is also able to sense how individual sensations are a part of an integrated, aroused whole. According to neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, “Integration, defined as the linkage of differentiated components of a system, is the core mechanism in the cultivation of health and well-being.” Enroll Now.

Sexual Kung Fu and Male G-Spot Practice (new)

Taoist teacher Loren Johnson says: "With the exercises in Sexual Kung Fu, my penis got an inch longer." He also warns, "Always be gentle with your penis."

Loren Johnson teaches Sexual Kung Fu, the skillful practice of sex. Self-sexual reflexology is taught to stimulate vital energy to a high level. Loren demonstrates techniques that transform this vital energy into intense full body orgasmic states. This is a self-empowered, time-tested (over a thousand years) method that helps activate the upper levels of pleasure, health, vitality and creativity. In a newly added video, Loren demonstrates a Taoist approach to massaging the prostate. Enroll Now.

Joy of Thrusting

Most men are not happy with their ability to thrust. Because thrusting doesn't come naturally, men have to practice thawing out their pelvic area. Few men have ever had any sex training that prepared them for skillful thrusting. In this class, Philip Deal aka adamlikesapples demonstrates more than thirty different thrusting practices and positions making use of a Fleshlight. Watching these videos is entertaining but will accomplish nothing. Learning the pleasures of thrusting takes practice. Enroll Now.

Changing My Life

Just three months before this erotic yoga session was filmed, Terry  began to consciously change the way he masturbated. Sexual habits are difficult to change. From his background in teaching yoga, Terry knew that conscious practice over time is the way humans learn new somatic behaviors.  As you watch this wank-session, be mindful that you are watching someone learning  and practicing new sexual behaviors. This is how you will decide what you wish to learn--by practicing it over and over. Terry shows what we already know, that wanking practice can be fun! Enroll Now.

Masturbation Engineering

The Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation is a complete course for men offering clear and simple instructions to increase the pleasure of solo sex while escaping from the boredom of habit. The text by Bruce Grether (under each video) is as important as the video demonstrations by Blue Tyger. Enroll Now.

Evolutionary Masturbation

The word "evolutionary" coupled with solo sex reminds us of a mind-boggling truth. When we masturbate mindfully, we contribute to the evolution of our selves, our relationships and the entire human community. Mindful masturbation is creative and procreative.

The demonstrations in this video class can help you manage, regulate and play with your sexual arousal. Four ecstatic masturbators show you over thirty ways to bring movement, breathing, relaxation, and creativity into your Orgasmic Yoga sessions. If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this class is for you. If you masturbate playfully and creatively, we promise you will benefit from this class. Enroll Now.

Uranus - Self Anal Massage

Anal pleasure and health are important frontiers to be explored. This video class offers you the tools to integrate anal soloving into your erotic practice. The class covers hygiene, enemas, sphincter muscle toning, and relaxation of the butt muscles. Explore the pleasures of Rosebud Massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation. Discover the best positions, toys and dildos to maximize your erotic practice. Enroll Now.

Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

In this class, Taoist teacher Loren Johnson invites you to practice the following Taoist techniques for learning erotic self regulation and for achieving full body orgasmic states:  the breath of fire, alternate nostril breathing, breathing and grounding through kidney 1, spinal cord breathing, the inner smile, the horse stance, testicle health practices, the power lock with arousal, and the microcosmic orbit. Enroll Now.