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Sexual Arousal Coaching with Joseph Kramer

The state of sexual arousal generated by masturbating  represents a valuable resource for learning sexual skills and for accessing the inner guidance for making good decisions. If you are regularly masturbating but not making creative use of your arousal, I can be of assistance.



Our work together will mostly be about your erotic sessions. This is where your learning takes place. After clarifying how you wish to grow, together we will choose the most effective Orgasmic Yoga practices that will assist your learning. We also will stay attuned for the inner guidance that is available during your sexually aroused states. 

I also work with individuals who enjoy masturbating with porn.  Ask yourself: How can breathing, movement, sound and self-touch enhance my erotic life? What can I learn masturbating with porn that will help me be a better lover? How can I have more fun, feel more pleasure?  How can I learn to place and maintain my attention on my own body while also enjoying porn?


Three fifty-minute sessions, by phone or Zoom.  $400 Enroll Here.

After enrolling, please introduce yourself to me at kramer (at) erospirit (dot) org. Let me know your goals for our coaching sessions. Your email can be brief. Our sessions will include somatic exercises, practical guidance, but no nudity. I look forward to working with you soon.
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