Orgasmic Yoga is a discipline that combines sustained sexual arousal with breathing, movement and other somatic practices in order to learn new erotic skills and promote sexual well-being.

"With hands-free masturbation, you are standing and thrusting into an anchored vibrator or Fleshlight, eliminating habitual tensions. This is a whole new way of experiencing sex."

-- Maggie

"This practice is brilliant. There's something genius about starting with solo sex, then sharing this somatic awareness and healing with a partner."

-- Wa Ama

Partner Practices

Orgasmic Yoga practices help you manage the flow of excitement and bliss within your body and within your relationships.

Male Solo Practice

If you have been masturbating the same way for the last ten years, you owe it to yourself and to your lovers to explore what more is possible.

Female Solo Practices

Join these women in exploring the erectile tissue of the vulva and vagina. Whether your goal is explosive orgasmic ejaculation or blissful relaxation, your hands lead the way.

Transformative Practices

Hands Free Arousal liberates the body from tensions, so you can breathe fully and dance! Somatic therapist Staci Haines says regular erotic practices like these can help to heal sexual trauma.

A Message from Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

As the creator of the video teachings on this site, my intention is that your explorations of these teachings take you to a new erotic realm and that your intimates travel with you.

Warning: You won't learn much by passively watching videos. You have to practice with your hands on yourself or on a partner. Erotic learning takes place when you practice - again and again. Watching and then practicing can be even more pleasurable with friends.

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