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Pawel’s Pleasure Body Song

(Pawel wishes to be referred to by the pronouns “they” and “them.” Other non-binary folk may use other pronouns. It is best to ask them what pronouns they prefer.)

During their training as a Sexological Bodyworker, Pawel began doing daily Orgasmic Yoga sessions. Because they didn’t see any non-binary Orgasmic Yoga demonstrations on this website, they filmed this Pleasure Body Song with the help of their partner. Pawel’s first video is a short explanation of why they have been doing this practice daily for several months. 

Pawel then shares with us their practice. Pawel has chosen a structure that combines sexual arousal with breathing, sound and movement to wake up their whole body and promote increased well-being. You are invited to practice along with Pawel. Here is Pawel’s structure.

My Daily Orgasmic Yoga Practice (first video below)

What are the benefits of months of Orgasmic Yoga practice? Pawel becomes more grateful for their body and its inner wisdom.

Scanning the Body (Begins at 0:19 in My Pleasure Body Song)

Give yourself time to observe the sensations within your body. Find comfort within each in-breath and each out-breath. Enhance your noticing with touch, breath and movement. Scan your entire body for needs, wishes and desires that can be supported in your practice.

Intentions (Begins at 6:14)

What do you invite into your practice? Pawel invites playfulness, creativity, joy, mindfulness and authentic erotic expression. They intend to be excessly erotic and irresitabily hot.

Saying “Hello” to My Body (Begins at 8:32)

With touch, connect to the whole body as a source of pleasure. Awaken the flow of information throughout the body. With squeezes, stretches and caresses, you discover some body parts are more sensitive than others. For Pawel, this means spending extra time with their fingertips. 

The Pleasure Dance: Increasing Arousal (Begins at 17:35)

There is a choice to be made at this point in your practice: Where in your body do you wish to focus your attention? Because Pawel feels many parts of their body wanting attention, they choose to awaken their whole body. Pawel’s “pleasure dance” uses breath, touch, sound, self-touch and movement to increase arousal. Pawel also names the sensations moving throughout their body in several chants. At the peak of their arousal, they ask “What do I desire right now?” You are invited to emulate Pawel’s creative use of breath, sound, self-touch, movement and even chanting.

Harnessing Arousal with a Big Draw (Begins at 31:14)

In order to harness the erotic aliveness stimulated during your session, you might choose to practice a Big Draw. This somatic strategy involves fast breathing, followed by a full body clenching of muscles and then relaxing. The Big Draw is another way of integrating arousal into one’s body and life. At this point in their practice, Pawel says, “This feels already very satisfying” and prepares to do a Big Draw. Can you feel profound satisfaction without a traditional orgasm?

Integration and Installation (Begins at 38:06)

As you end your Orgasmic Yoga practice, give yourself time to install the experience permanently into your body. Honor the neural pathways that have been strengthened by your practice. One of Pawel’s chants is, “I’m waking up my body, the sensual storm, looks like my body is taking new form.” Pawel names some of those new forms they feel: pathways of safety, connection, joy, excitement, pleasure, self-worth, self-love, self-care, self-regulation, self-acceptance, and expanded erotic potential.

Anointing with Gratitude Lotion (Begins at 42.53)

A wonderful way to end your practice is with gratitude. Anoint your whole body with gratitude lotion – real or imagined. Be sure to notice the effects of this gratitude practice. Pawel hugs themself and says, “I could stay here forever.”


Highly Recommended

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