The Rainbow Caress

In this erotic meditation, Janine repeats the same genital caress again and again on Mirjam’s vulva. The brilliance of the Cherry Blossom Caress is that it strokes all of the genital erectile tissue. Janine’s stroke stimulates the clitoris, urethra, and vestibular bulbs, briefly enters the vagina, and ends on the perineal sponge. As the erectile tissue becomes more sensitive and engorged, the stroke can even include the urethral sponge. This slow one-fingered caressing is a profound attention, which focuses both the giver and receiver on sensation, arousal, and pleasure.

Joseph Kramer teaches this practice in his Sexological Bodywork professional trainings.

Cherry Blossom Caress Guidance for the Giver

1. State your intention for doing this practice.
2. Take some slow breaths with your partner, and perhaps rest your hands on the mons.
3. Begin the one-fingered, slow, and downward stroke. Use gentle yet firm pressure.
4. Repeat the same stroke for a period agreed upon ahead of time, (usually ten to twenty minutes.)
5. Finish by cupping the mons, while calling to mind your intention.

Cherry Blossom Caress Guidance for the Receiver

1. State your intention for doing this practice.
2. Breathe.
3. Be aware of sounds, sensations, body feelings, and distractions/thoughts with no need to attach to any of them. Breathe.
4. If you become distracted, bring your attention back to the touch you are receiving. Breathe.
5. Notice what your body tells you. Be available for surprises. Breathe.
6. After each session, recall your intention. Reflect on the experience. Notice changes over time.