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Rainbow Practice

The brilliance of the Rainbow Caress is that it can stimulate all of the erectile tissue of the vulva and vagina. Janine’s stroke stimulates the clitoris, the urethral opening, and vestibular bulbs, briefly entering the vagina to end on the perineal sponge. As the erectile tissue becomes more sensitive and engorged, the stroke can even include the engorged urethral sponge. This slow one-fingered caressing is a profound attention, which focuses both the giver and receiver on sensation, arousal, and pleasure. 


The Rainbow Rub is a penis massage stroke that was developed in 1988 by Matthew Simmons and was first filmed by Joseph Kramer in 1990 for the video Fire on the Mountain. This stroke has been taught in thousands of penis massage classes worldwide for the last 27 years, (especially in Body Electric classes and Sexological Bodywork classes.) The Rainbow Rub experience has been optimized and refined in the last five years with feedback from hundreds of men exploring the benefits of this erotic practice.


The Rainbow Rub

1. Partners sit Yab-Yum. The person to receive lies back onto the floor or massage table with their legs over legs of the person who is offering the massage. Place a towel or paper towel under the genitals of the receiver.
2. Giver: Cup your partner’s genitals and take several deep breaths together.
3. Receiver: Breathe while moving your hand: palm up on the inhale and palm down on the exhale. The speed of your breathing guides the speed of the rubbing.
4. Giver: The non-massaging hand pulls the skin/foreskin of the penis towards the base of the penis, rendering the area below the frenulum area taut. Because the area below the frenulum area is so sensitive, it is sometimes called the clitoris of the penis. It is a place of concentrated nerve endings. When the the skin in this area is taut—even if the penis is not erect—the nerve endings are available to touch as if the penis were erect. The area to be rubbed does not include the head of the penis. The focus of the touch is about an inch or 2-3 centimeters just below the head.
5. Giver: The finger tips of the massaging hand are placed (anchored) against the topside of the penis just below the head or on the head if the massager’s hand is not big enough to anchor below the head.
6. Giver: A small amount of lube or oil is placed on the heel of the massaging hand. No other oil should be on the penis or the hands of the massager.
7. Giver: The stroke begins with a squeeze of the shaft of the penis between your fingertips and the heel of your palm. While squeezing, rub the heel of your palm up to just below the head of the penis. Your stroke should not include the head of the penis. Then move the heel of your palm back down and repeat the stroke. While the penis is soft, you will only be able to stroke one direction toward the head. If the penis is aroused, you can rub both up and down the rainbow spot. You do not have to squeeze when rubbing down the Rainbow, away from the head.
8. Giver: let your rubbing get into a rhythm with the breathing and hand movement of the receiver.

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

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