Rubbing the Clitoris of the Penis

Many men find the frenulum or the area just below the frenulum the most pleasurable tissue on their body.  This concentration of nerve endings on the underside of the penis right below the head is sometimes referred to as the male clitoris or as “The Gates of Consciousness.”  

This short video demonstrates four ways to pleasure the frenulum area: thumb circles, alternating thumbs, pinching, and Rainbow Rubbing with the heel of your palm. 

The intention of this practice is sensation, not ejaculation. Slow down if orgasm seems imminent.   Extend the pleasure! Some men can orgasm without erection with this practice. See the 18-minute version of Rainbow Rubbing here. (This video clip comes from the film, Fire on the Mountain. Also check out Soft Cock Erotic Massage. Both are available at