Maggie After Hands Free Porn Yoga

Maggie is blissed out, having just finished her second hands-free Porn Yoga practice session. She didn’t use her hands to masturbate. Instead, she anchored her Magic Wand with a clamp.

Hands-free Porn Yoga consists of a series of practices done standing while moving and thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or vibrator. The hands, liberated from genital stimulation, are now free to play with and touch all parts of the body. The act of stimulating genitals with hands produces chronic patterns of tension in the muscles of the arms and upper torso. In hands-free Porn Yoga, these habitual tensions in the upper body don’t accompany arousal and orgasm. Because of this newfound relaxation, practitioners experience feelings of openness in the chest and ease in breathing. Hands-free practice feels like a whole new way of experiencing sex, disrupting habits and patterns that have been with us since puberty.