Video Classes

Men's Solo Erotic Practice

Men's Solo Erotic Practice includes a range of practices: techniques and video demonstrations by sex teachers, erotic yogis from many generations. Enroll Now.


Women's Solo Erotic Practice

“The relative invisibility of women’s masturbation infects women’s consciousness about how they talk about, think about, and engage in masturbation,” writes Professor Breanne Fahs in a 2014 article in the Journal of Sex Research. The Orgasmic Yoga Institute is committed to making women's masturbation visible and inspiring. We invite women to share videos of their mindful solo sex sessions. The sessions can be any length, but we reserve the right to edit submissions. More information and guidance on shooting and submitting videos here. When we post your video, we will give you a year's membership in The Orgasmic Yoga Institute. Enroll Now.

Erotic Touch for Lovers

Erotic Touch for Lovers involves a commitment to an ongoing series of co-created, erotic massage sessions. These practice sessions allow lovers to engage each other as embodied, erotic beings. The core of this practice involves lovers giving and receiving touch while consciously breathing. This separation of giving and receiving opens the possibility for erotic trance states and new ways of relating as a couple. Humans learn sex through self-directed conscious practice over time. In Orgasmic Yoga for Lovers, the individuals design how their touch sessions can expand their erotic capacities. The video demonstrations at OYI are to help you and your lover develop your own creative practice sessions. We recommend starting with a commitment to each other of five erotic touch sessions. Enroll Now.


Transformative Practices

Erotic awakening through explorations with breath, gender, erotic massage dancing and healing sexual trauma.Enroll Now.

Orgasmic Lessons

Orgasmic Lessons. Enroll Now.

Model Format

Move your sexual arousal throughout your body with these eight pleasurable hands-free Porn Yoga practices. Enroll Now.