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Uranus – Self Anal Massage

One of the most pleasurable places on our bodies is the ass-whole. Unfortunately, most of us are blocked to some degree from enjoying these delightful tissues because of personal and cultural shame as well as hygiene concerns. This class invites you to reclaim your relationship with your ass-whole through regular self anal massage. The deeper we go into self anal massage or any erotic experience, the less power shame has over us.

Savoring thwarts shame.   

As you watch Joe Miron massage himself in the video demonstrations, plan a simple external anal touch session for yourself. External anal massage is often called: Rosebud Massage. During your session, place your attention on the variety of sensations available to you in the external anal area. Avoid any temptation to move your touch into the anus. Savor the delights of the external sphincter and anal groove. External anal massage is a practice unto itself.

 Erotic Learning Happens through Practice.

When you choose to include internal massage in your practice, be sure to begin with slow and luxurious external anal touch. Explore internal massage only when your body feels ready. Do not override discomfort or tension. Honor your body. Be sure to spend time gently stretching the sphincter muscles. There needn’t be a single moment of distress or pain during your anal session. If you allow the sphincters time to relax, there never needs to be pain when engaging in anal massage or anal sex.

Joe Miron uses anal massage as a quiet meditation and as a wild erotic dance. Some of you may want your sessions to include genital stimulation. You may choose to do this self anal massage practice in the shower, in a bathtub, while looking in a mirror, while videotaping yourself . . . be creative and innovative.

After each of your first few sessions, ask yourself: What touches did I enjoy the most? Were there any delightful surprises? Did I notice any resistances or judgments about myself and how I did the practice? Did I experience blocks or distractions at any point in planning, practicing or reflecting on this exercise? What did I learn that I can carry into future sessions?

Watching videos and reading texts offer a limited experience of anal massage.  Touch yourself. 


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