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Hands-Free Master Sessions

What might Embodied Porn Watching look like after six sessions? After eleven sessions? Enjoy and marvel at these two Embodied Porn Watching sessions. Robin also filmed an introductory video and both Robin and Jack filmed reflection videos after finishing their practice sessions. These two had a lot of fun masturbating hands-free. We wish the same for you.

Hands-free arousal offers a new way of experiencing sex by thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or onto a vibrator. This hands-free practice helps to interrupt muscle tension in the arms and upper torso, enabling feelings of freedom, openness and ease of breathing. Hands-free does not mean stop using your hands. Rather, the hands, liberated from genital stimulation, become even more engaged – in massaging and pleasuring your body. Hands-free arousal has the added benefit of improving your hip movements and thrusting skills in lovemaking.

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