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Healing Sexual Trauma

Healing Sexual Trauma with Staci Haines

This video training in Healing Sexual Abuse was not created just for survivors of sexual abuse. Psychotherapists, sex coaches, tantra teachers, and somatic practitioners of all sorts and their clients will benefit from Staci Haines’ body-based practices for healing.

One in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before age eighteen. Although many sexually abused boys and girls do not live as victims, they can appear healthy and still carry wounds from the abuse. In this Healing Sexual Trauma class, Staci Haines offers a series of somatic practices that over time can change how we experience past sexual trauma. Some of the healing practices are solo. Some involve work with one’s partner. Some of the practices are done with guidance and touch from a trauma professional. All of the practices involve awareness of the body, especially awareness of our breathing.

Before watching the film, we recommend reading this series of short articles  by Staci Haines.

The healing of trauma offered by Staci Haines involves a series of body-based exercises. These easy-to-learn practices include:

  • Scanning your body.
  • Paying attention to sensations and emotions.
  • Releasing tension from your body.
  • Feeling safe with your partner.
  • Rebuilding nurturing, loving connections.
  • Dealing with automatic triggers from past sexual abuse.


Instructor: Staci Haines

Class Format: Three and a half hours of video demonstrations and teaching. Also, six articles by Staci Haines.

This class is taken from the DVD “Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma.”

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