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Guidance for Shooting Video


The mission of The New School of Erotic Touch and the Orgasmic Yoga Institute is teaching and inspiring erotic touch and erotic practices. We welcome submissions of video content that further our mission.

For submissions to orgasmicyoga.com, we invite video of erotic mindfulness practices including masturbation, erotic touch, vaginal and anal mapping.

For submissions to eroticmassage.com, we request clips that include teaching about genital massage, anal massage, pelvic release, self-touch, ecstatic breathing, or other aspects of erotic massage.

We are most interested in those video clips that offer learning to our students. You may wish to include voice-overs, direct speaking to the camera, and on-screen text.

Specs for Submission:

Format: Clips could be fully edited video files or video that we will assist with editing (by prior arrangement): we prefer digital files (.mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mts) submitted on memory sticks or hard drives, but we are also able to accept MiniDV tapes, DVDs, and Final Cut Pro 7 timelines.


Provide us with your contact information and a text description of your clip in a separate word document. Your contact information will appear alongside your video clips if you wish.


If we accept your video submissions, you must provide us with color scans of driver’s licenses or passports for EVERYONE in the video. Participants must be over the age of 18.

You will sign our contract granting us non-exclusive rights to stream, download and distribute your video. In addition, you must have obtained signed and dated release forms from each individual appearing in your video. We can provide you with blank standard model release forms. We cannot make use of your video teachings until we have all releases and IDs in our files. You maintain ownership of your video and may use it however you like.

We will also provide to you, upon request, a copy of the compressed video files for use on your own website. We watermark all video with eroticmassage.com or orgasmicyoga.com.

Teachers who have 30 minutes or more of streaming videos on one of our sites will be invited to become part of the faculty for that website. You will also be invited to submit a photo and a teacher profile.

Technical Suggestions:

The New School and Orgasmic Yoga Institute are seeking high quality video submissions. While all of our streaming video segments will not be DVD-quality, we do strive to provide the best possible video and audio quality. When compressed for streaming, digital video can lose resolution, so it is important to start with high resolution video.

Shoot using the highest possible quality setting that your camera features. Send us the raw material, which we will edit. Use Dropbox, or contact us for other ways to get us the video. If you mail it, please include postal tracking, as we are not responsible if material is lost in the mail.


Use the best video camera or phone camera you can find. Read the manual and pay attention to things like focus, color balance, etc. Use a tripod for image stability.


An external microphone usually offers good audio quality. External microphones are important for verbal presentations. The built-in microphone on your camera might not capture voices and breathing very well. External microphones are inexpensive. Place the microphone close to your subject and away from any potential interference. If you have no other option, however, you can compensate by making sure the camera is close to the speaker. For voice-overs, consider recording the audio track separately, speaking directly into the microphone. You can also record a voiceover directly into your camera or your iPhone, which has a very good mic. This can be edited seamlessly into the video, so that you are speaking directly about what is happening on the screen. Before ending the shoot, listen to the audio with headphones. Is there a fan in the background, street noise, etc.? If so, please re-shoot so that there is no external noise on the soundtrack. Please do not have music playing as you record your teaching or demonstration. Please turn off sound if you are watching porn.


It is possible to get good lighting without being in a movie studio. Think about using a combination of natural daylight and lamps with soft white bulbs. Avoid any fluorescent lights or halogen lamps. Use more light than you think necessary- the goal is to get as much light coverage with as few shadows and dark spots as possible. A bright sunny room with multiple windows can be a good option for at-home recording coupled with the other lighting suggestions below. Be careful not to shoot against the light source. This would leave the subject dark. Please avoid shots with a light source (lamp, light bulb, bright window) in the frame as it can be distracting. Keep the light source behind or to the side of the camera. The camera may try to electronically compensate for low light, but sometimes the results are grainy, so more light may help. If you suspect it looks grainy, then use additional light. If your walls are vibrating with grains of color, please use more light.

Shadows can be distracting unless you are using them in a creative way as part of the composition. The simplest solution is to avoid shadows by moving the lights around or changing angles. Some light grey shadows may be unavoidable. Reduce shadows as much as you can, or change the camera angle to avoid a persistent dark shadow.

Image Content and Angles:

If you are focusing on your hands, your nails should be clean for close-ups.

If you are watching porn, please turn the monitor away so that we can’t see what you are watching. The best shot for the porn watching video is from the side and behind the screen, showing as much of your body as possible.


You are welcome to submit footage from a single angle, but if you want to be more creative we would appreciate some separate footage of close ups of your face and genitals while masturbating. We can edit that later. You may want to shoot one whole scene, then shoot another few minutes with close-ups or even additional angles.

Room Decorations:

We strongly recommend an uncluttered and neat environment. A simple and blank wall may work best. Avoid patterns that might vibrate including, contrast, small patterns, black and white, stripes, weaves that are visible and contrasting. Avoid bright, saturated colors. For sheets, blankets, wall hangings, clothing, etc. solid colors work best.

Shooting and Editing:

Production styles vary, and for online classes, an informal style may work quite well. It is much easier to create clips for online streaming than for DVD use. You can offer entire teaching segments uninterrupted and without fancy video work. Before you begin shooting, envision what you want the final clip to look like. What is the core of your teaching that you are offering? If you are teaching specific touch skills, a close-up of the strokes is needed. You may want to include at least one shot of the “big picture” to orient your viewers to the people and situation, and then zoom in to shoot the scene again in a close-up to demonstrate the technique. Making sure that there are no glaring changes, so that the shots can be edited together.

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