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Jack’s Erotic Body Scan

In this session, Jack explores sexual arousal in more than 25 different places within his body.

In two years of working with a coach, Jack’s practice sessions explored high levels of arousal and erotic self-regulation skills. Jack discovered his favorite level of arousal. This is where he hung out when masturbating or having sex with others. From this same fecund state–Jack’s optimum level of arousal, Jack explores the insides of his aroused body. 

This process of noticing internal bodily sensations is called ‘interoception’. As he goes through this process, he names what he feels within each part of his body. He is often surprised by how different sexual arousal feels in each part of his body. He is also able to sense how individual sensations are a part of an integrated, aroused whole. According to neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, “Integration, defined as the linkage of differentiated components of a system, is the core mechanism in the cultivation of health and well-being.”


Wisdom from Jack’s Erotic Body Scan

Jack prepares for his practice session by sitting for 90 minutes in Vipassana meditation. He also wakes up his body with movement and stretching and strokes his skin from head to toe. Although not in this video, Jack begins his erotic body scan by stimulating himself to arousal level six.

Jack directs his attention to different parts of his body, scanning for various types of arousal, since different body parts have different qualities of arousal. Jack is also aware of areas in his body that he chronically ignores (his anus, butt, perineum). He makes sure he includes these places in his ‘feeling arousal’ process.

Jack’s practice involves activating arousal in specific body parts and small areas of his body. Some body parts take more time and more focus to wake up their erotic feelings. Once turned on, these body parts are available for integration into an aroused whole.

At times, Jack notices a connection between one part of the body he is focusing on and other parts of his body (for example, his jaw and his perineum).

Jack speaks aloud what he is feeling. This helps him to experience even more what he is feeling. For Jack, movement is also helpful in activating sensations and bringing awareness to specific body parts. Jack also uses humming to wake up interoceptive sensations.

The Controlling Habit of Sex is an unrelenting drive to orgasm and release. This urge can interrupt any practice involving arousal at any time. Jack describes the process of being taken over by this urge.

At times, Jack describes pleasure as excitement and, at other times, bliss. For him, excitement involves an increase in neural firing. Bliss involves a decrease in neural firing.

As Jack ends his erotic body scan, he is still inquisitive and curious. He asks himself, “What would it be like to hang out in sexual arousal 6 and explore the different systems of the body–like blood or muscles.”

We recommend this hour-long session from Jack (membership required), filmed two years before Body Scan, offering amazing erotic self-regulation demonstrations. 

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