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Breathing Your Body Erotic

In this course you will learn how to engage the capacities of the respiratory system more fully, by breathing into the belly and the pelvis. You can consciously use your breath to move your body into a more excited, orgasm-focused state and/or to relax your physiology and quiet your mind. You have here a tool box of techniques employing breath, visualization, and muscle movement. You can use these tools to achieve a variety of embodied states, and explore the intersection of sex and spirit. Your practice may involve the circulation of cool, unaroused sexual energy or of hot, juicy sexual energy, alone or with a partner. This course is an invitation to cultivate a relationship with breath as an inner lover. Human beings are designed so that our sexual system is pleasured and stimulated with every breath. Sexuality is a vital energy that is generated continuously within the human body…. We can refine our awareness of this energy, and access all of its joy and power, by simply listening to – and playing with – our breath. Breath is an inner lover, entering each cell of our bodies, bringing pleasure and renewal to all parts of our being. Breath is the mind’s best teacher; breath helps the mind open, and release its anxieties. Breath is inspiration and spirit. Breath happens unconsciously yet can be controlled by our conscious minds; breath is a bridge. Breathing fully, we engage the muscles of the pelvic floor and stimulate the genital nerves. Breath is erotic and joyful. This class includes seven individual audio recordings of different breathing patterns for you to breathe with online. These recordings were also designed so you can use them on any mobile device as a conscious breathing practice. We breathe to live, and we breathe more than 20,000 times a day. By making small changes in a process that is so integral and so frequent, we can make large shifts in our well-being and our lives. Let your body teach you. Become willing to honor yourself with pleasure. Breathe deeply! Choose joy!

Instructor: Caffyn Jesse

Class format: 35 minutes of video instruction and 97 minutes of breathing pattern recordings.

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