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Breast Massage

Chris Maxwell Rose and Charlotte Mia Rose from PleasureMechanics.com

The breasts are a central part of a woman's sexual anatomy. Mindful breast touch can be highly pleasurable. Many women, however, are not enthusiastic about including the breasts in their sex play. They have experienced sloppy or boring breast touch, and over time have numbed out any potential pleasure from their breasts.  Many men are intimidated by touching the breasts, feeling like they don't do it quite right or they give up after being discouraged by the lack of response from their female lovers.  

The breasts have a high concentration of nerve endings, especially in the nipples. The underside of the nipple has the densest concentration of nerve endings in the entire breast. During arousal, the breasts swell and become more sensitive, and nipples may harden and in some cases grow substantially in size. When fully aroused, some women find that the nipples are so sensitive that even small touches can feel quite intense.