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Dr. Sprinkle's Seven Types of Female Orgasm

Annie Sprinkle

The Orgasmic Yoga Institute offers you
Dr. Annie Sprinkle's Seven Types of Female Orgasm
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Annie Sprinkle was given the name Mahamudra by members of an eastern cult. They told her it meant "The Biggest Orgasm of All." With the help of two assistants and the Hitachi Magic Wand, Dr. Annie Sprinkle takes us on a phenomenal ride as she literally charts her five minute long megagasm. Annie shows us there are no limits on what is erotically possible. Annie's orgasm takes her into a raw, animalistic and voracious chaos. Annie describes the megagasm as a type of sexual/emotional cleansing: "You can clear out all of the emotional muck." From Annie's Sprinkle's video course at The New School of Erotic Touch, How To Be a Sex Goddess.

Photo by Julian Cash