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Healing Sex Interview with Staci Haines

Staci Haines

Is sexual healing possible?

Healing is possible--emotional healing and sexual healing. I always tell survivors, “You're here. You survived. That means you're more powerful than what happened to you.” Victimization is a terrible thing. Surviving it is very hard. But I try to impress upon survivors, “Now that you're an adult, you have the capacity to build the life, and the sex life, you choose.”

In my experience, when survivors use a body-centered approach, the success rate is very high. Those who engage in only intellectual talk therapies tend to have a harder time because their bodies continue to respond in the same ways they did during the abuse. But healing is definitely possible. Survivors can have happy, fulfilling lives, and GREAT sex lives.


Healing Sex--Six Easy Pieces

Staci Haines

Steps to Healing Sexually: Starting Your Sexual Recovery
By Staci Haines

Sex is simple and incredibly complex all at the same time. Sex is filled with contradictions, pleasure, pains, satisfaction, confusion, desire, and a wide variety of emotions. Sex is a natural and fundamental part of humans. Even those who decide to be celibate have had to decide how to express their sexuality.

Sex is also used for contradictory purposes. It can be used for pleasurable and life-giving ends or misused and abused to hurt others. The contradictions in sex are especially apparent for the many women and men who have experienced some form of non-consensual sex or sexual trauma and abuse. Sex can get mixed with abuse for survivors and become very difficult to untwine later. Sexual healing can also be one of the most powerful aspects of recovery after sexual trauma and reap the greatest rewards.


Léčivý Sex—Šest krátkých článků

Staci Haines

Cesta k léčení sexuality: začátek sexuálního uzdravení

Staci Haines, autorka filmu Léčivý sex: Psychosomatický přístup k léčení sexuálního trauma

Sex je zároveň velice jednoduchý i neskutečně složitý. Je plný rozporů, potěšení, bolesti, uspokojení, zmatku, touhy a široké škály emocí. Sex je přirozenou a základní složkou lidského života. I ti, kteří se rozhodnou žít v celibátu, se musí rozhodnout, jakým způsobem vyjádřit svou sexualitu.