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The Yoga of Sex with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

The Yoga of Sex with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

The Yoga of Sex with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

The Yoga of Sex course invites you to experience how humans learn sex. Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice mindfully over time. Erotic practice is fun, rewarding and transformational when we use this conscious, focused yoga model of education.

The new profession of Sexological Bodywork is based on exactly this type of learning. Certification as a professional Sexological Bodyworker is available through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and through the International Institute for Sexological Bodywork in Zürich. Joseph Kramer's EroSpirit Research Institute offers a certification in Canada and in Australia.

The Yoga of Sex course offers the entire Sexological Bodywork Training in a home study format through a sister school, The New School of Erotic Touch. Home schooling has never before been so much fun. Although this course was designed for professional somatic sex educators, anyone interested in learning Sexological Bodywork as an erotic yoga practice can enroll. Upon enrollment, you will have access for one year to all the materials from the California State-Approved Professional Certification course including video teachings, an online course workbook, readings, and somatic assignments.

You can enroll in this course at any time. Everyone chooses his or her own level of participation or non-participation. This format offers the flexibility that most benefits students directing their own somatic learning.

This course, sponsored by The New School of Erotic Touch, does not provide professional certification. Many students do use the Yoga of Sex in their professional lives and to prepare for future certification as Sexological Bodyworkers.

These resources are available for Yoga of Sex students:

  • An online course workbook that will guide your sexual practice sessions and your video education. Here is a segment from the workbook.
  • One year of membership to The New School of Erotic Touch, which includes unlimited access to all current classes and an expanding library of video teachings. If you are now enrolled in The New School, we will extend your membership by a year. 
  • Each Yoga of Sex student will receive a $200 scholarship towards the Professional Sexological Bodywork trainings in Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Canada. The $200 scholarship must be used within two years of enrollment in the Yoga of Sex.

This abundance of sex education resources is available to everyone who wishes to explore somatic sex education in both theory and practice. As an adult learner, you choose your own level of participation.

Upon enrolling, all students must introduce themselves to Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. by email at kramer@erospirit.org. Let him know your personal and/or professional reasons for joining this course. Be sure to include any education and experience you have in the area of bodywork or sex education.

The Yoga of Sex Home Study Course is an excellent opportunity for erotic explorers to go deeper into the adventure of finding what is truly erotically possible for you, your intimates, your students and your community.

You are invited to enroll in the The Yoga of Sex. Tuition is $395.00. Enrollment is through our sister school: The New School of Erotic Touch.  Enroll at bottom of page.