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Breast Massage

By: Chris Maxwell Rose and Charlotte Mia Rose from PleasureMechanics.com

 You will find video of this breast massage here.

The breasts are a central part of a woman's sexual anatomy. Mindful breast touch can be highly pleasurable. Many women, however, are not enthusiastic about including the breasts in their sex play. They have experienced sloppy or boring breast touch, and over time have numbed out any potential pleasure from their breasts.  Many men are intimidated by touching the breasts, feeling like they don't do it quite right or they give up after being discouraged by the lack of response from their female lovers.  

The breasts have a high concentration of nerve endings, especially in the nipples. The underside of the nipple has the densest concentration of nerve endings in the entire breast. During arousal, the breasts swell and become more sensitive, and nipples may harden and in some cases grow substantially in size. When fully aroused, some women find that the nipples are so sensitive that even small touches can feel quite intense.  

Use lotion or oil for massaging your lover. Oil or lotion allows smoother glides and heightens sensations. Please be aware that oil is not latex compatible.  If you are using latex condoms in your lovemaking, make sure you use a water-based or silicone lubricant. If you are not using latex condoms, use an all-natural oil such as almond or coconut and you can use it everywhere!  

Full Chest Warm Ups

Before touching the breasts, warm up the entire front of the torso, especially the chest. Begin warming up the area with long glides across the chest above the breasts, just below the collarbone. Feel the pleasure of gliding across her skin. Start very slowly and pay attention to what you feel in your hands. 

The pectoral muscles are an often-overlooked part of a woman's anatomy. These muscles support the breast tissue and feel great when massaged. Start just above the swell of the breast tissue.  Massage with medium pressure until you become aware of the muscle beneath the skin. Massage the pecs in small circular motions, and then massage in larger circles. Linger on any sore or tight spots. As you release tension, there will be more room for pleasurable sensation.  

Find the sternum, the large bone in the middle of the chest at the center of the ribcage between the breasts. Move your hand in a circular motion around the sternum. Don’t stray on to the breasts directly yet. Find the edges of the sternum and stroke with your thumbs in a sweeping motion, sweeping off the sides of the bones and into the surrounding musculature under the breasts. Experiment with a range of pressures until you find the pressure that feels best. 

Direct Breast Stimulation  

Gently scoop the breasts and push them up and together. With this stroke, you are reversing the effects of gravity and lifting the breasts towards the chest muscles. This is especially pleasurable for women with larger breasts but can feel great on all sizes of breasts. Use the pads of your fingers to sink deeper into the breast, massaging the breast tissue with circular motions. A little bit of massage oil or lotion will go a long way in allowing smooth, gliding massage strokes. As you touch, communicate with your partner and see how much pressure she is craving. You can make this a simple "say when" game, gradually increasing pressure until she tells you that the touch feels just right. Pay attention to what she is feeling. Is she showing signs of pleasure, such as shudders or quivers?   Is her breathing deep and steady? By paying attention to her body, you will gain valuable feedback about what she is experiencing. And, you can always ask verbally if she is enjoying the breast touch, and ask what would make it even better. 

After you've warmed up the entire chest, begin shifting into more feather-like glides over the breast. Make your hands relaxed and supple, your touch light and easy. Allow her to feel the smoothness of your fingertips with each caress. 

The sides of the breasts are highly sensitive and often go overlooked. Cup the sides of the breast with your relaxed open palms. Roll the flesh of the breast in your palms, feeling the delicious weight of the breast. Touch the sides of the breast with fairly firm pressure to avoid creating a ticklish sensation in this very sensitive area. 

Glide you whole hand over the breast towards the nipples in a five finger slide. Start at the bottom of the breast and glide your hand up, pushing just your fingertips along the skin. If she is highly aroused, glide right onto the nipple. If you are still warming up, tease her by stopping just short of the sensitive nipple. To create the most pleasure with your lover's nipples, try a wide range of strokes with a wide range of pressures. 

Stimulating the Nipples

With your fingertips, gently spiral in towards the nipple, following the circular contours of the breast. Rather than rushing to this most sensitive part of the breast, build up her hunger. Only glide directly onto the nipple once you are sure she is craving this kind of touch. 

Trace circles underneath the nipple, with a range of speeds and pressures. This area just underneath the nipple is usually the most sensitive spot on the entire breast. (A network of nerves comes to a point just below the nipple.) With a smooth stroke, flick upwards on the nipple. Start with lighter touch and work up to heavier pressure. 

Roll the nipple gently between your thumb and forefinger. Don't just pinch the nipple but roll it like a smooth marble between your fingers. Use a gentle pressure and explore the texture of the nipple. Notice her response. 

Glide over the breasts with an open hand, and then begin gently gliding the nipple between each set of adjacent fingers. Paying close attention to her response, begin gently compressing the nipple by closing your fingers in a V motion. This is a lovely way to begin introducing pressure on the nipple without the pinching motion that so many women are bored with. She'll appreciate the dynamic pleasure of this technique! 

Once the nipples are sensitized from direct stimulation, massage the whole breast while caressing the nipple in your palm. After all of this stimulation, her breasts probably have become quite sensitive. Slow way down and provide her with a moment of rest by touching her with a single finger, running one fingertip over her skin slowly. Whenever you want to provide a nice contrast from the highly stimulating techniques, either hold still or try a single finger glide. 

Try these breast stimulation techniques and discover which are her favorites. With creativity and attention, you can discover new ways to pleasure her breasts. Enjoy the process of becoming a better lover by learning how to fully pleasure your lover's breasts. 

Good Vibrations 

Vibrating the breasts is a surprisingly pleasurable sensation for many women, and can be especially fun during states of high arousal. Some women may feel insecure about how this makes the breasts look or find the sensation unpleasant. Make the agreement to try it once and see how it feels! Simply cup your hand around the contour of the breast and lightly bounce or vibrate your hand, sending vibration waves through the breast tissue. Start gently and work up to faster vibrations. 


Some women may find scratching to be highly pleasurable, but usually only after a lot of warm-up and arousing touch. This is a climactic touch, a little bit rough and quite intense. When offered at the right moment with the right pressure, it can be a highly charged and intense experience. 

Introduce the sensation of scratching to your play gently, when the receiver is already aroused and you have touched her breasts in many different pleasurable ways. Then, gently begin grazing your fingernails over your lover's skin, paying close attention to her response. Is her pleasure interrupted, or does she enjoy this new sensation? Tease her a little with nice light scratches. When you are sure she likes this feeling, proceed with deeper scratches, watching her closely to see how she responds. If you are in doubt, ask her.  For example, "do you enjoy this? Would you like it harder?" Try scratching in both long strokes down the breasts as well as circular motions on the chest. It can be highly arousing for some givers to see that they are leaving trails or marks where they have just touched. Careful!  If she loves this stroke and likes it hard, you may leave marks that linger for days.  

Oral Pleasure for the Breasts 

Licking, sucking and nibbling the breasts and nipples can be highly erotic for both partners. It can also be one of the fastest ways to turn a woman off. The difference lies much in your ability to tell what kind of pressure and sensation she enjoys. Bite too hard on a nipple and it is the equivalent of being kicked in the balls. Bite just right and it can feel amazing, sending jolts of arousal up and down her body. 

The same principles of erotic touch apply whether you are stimulating her with your hands or your mouth.  

Go slow. 
Use light pressure and slowly build up. 
Test out more intense sensations in small doses and notice her reactions. 

Practical Advice for Women
Many of us don’t enjoy breast stimulation as much as we'd like to. Most roadblocks to enjoying breast stimulation are the result of past negative experience or emotional insecurity about the size, shape or appearance of our breasts.  

Many of us have had our breasts touched by careless and clumsy hands. Many of us have had our breasts touched when we weren’t ready or in the mood or interested in sharing that part of our body. A lover in the past may have been too rough or said something cruel that has stuck with us.  

If there is an experience in your past that is holding you back from potential pleasure, it is important that you are honest about the source of your anxiety. If you can, let your lover know why you are feeling reserved. Be specific about what you didn’t like in the past and what you are requesting now: “My ex was really rough and made me sore for days. I’m worried that if I let you touch them it will hurt.” Or “I’ve always gotten a lot of attention for the size of my breasts. But I want you to pay attention to all of me, not just my breasts.” Or “I’ve been teased all my life about the size of my nipples, so it isn’t easy for me to relax when my bra is off.”  

Insecurity About Breasts 

Many women harbor deep insecurities about their breasts. Very few of us are satisfied with exactly how our breasts look. Many of us would prefer bigger, smaller, perkier, or rounder breasts. We want nipples that are smaller, larger, lighter, darker, more sensitive, less sensitive, more or less flat. We worry one breast is larger than the other, that they hang too low or swing strangely. 

All these anxieties and more can get in our way and interrupt pleasure. Most of the time, your lover is totally into your body and loves you and wants to touch you in ways that feel good to you. Of course, some lovers are selfish, judgmental or abusive about body issues. We’re going to assume your lover is none of these things. 
Most men love breasts. They are into how they feel, the weight, texture, softness, and are not looking for perfection. 

Getting Over Body Issues 

Experiencing pleasure in your body, just as your body is right now, is the way to begin healing and making friends with your body again. Massage is a wonderful tool for feeling the pleasure that your body is capable of, feeling the curves of your body in a new way and learning to relax and stay present during pleasure. 

If you notice that your body image insecurities are getting in the way, here are some strategies: 

1.  Dress for Sex. Wear a bra or shirt that you feel sexy in, and have your lover touch and play with your breasts through the shirt. You’ll be able to relax a bit more covered up. After a few sessions you can experiment with exposing more skin to your lover’s touch. 

2.  Lights Out. We usually advocate for sex with the lights on. But if you can’t get your mind off of how your breasts look, you might want to try playing in the dark. You can focus on the sensations of touch as well as the warm feelings of your lover next to you.  

3.  Try a new position. If you hate the way your breasts sag while you are on your back, flip over and make love that way. It is important to have your lover to touch your breasts when you like them the most. 

4.  Hug yourself. As your lover makes love to you, wrap your arms around your own torso, such that your breasts are cradled and protected by your arms. They’ll look amazing, feel safe, and you can share them as much or as little as you choose.  

Chris Maxwell Rose and Charlotte Mia Rose: "Our wish as sex educators is that the breast massage described here and demonstrated in our video will bring much pleasure and creativity to your lovemaking. Please visit our website: www.pleasuremechanics.com."