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Neuroscience: The Astonishing Benefits of Erotic Practice

By: Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Orgasmic Yoga is a form of erotic yoga that involves pleasurable, intimate, and transformative practices that individuals, couples, and groups can do while sexually aroused. Orgasmic Yoga is a mindfulness practice. This means we place part of our attention on our practice and part on our intention to practice. Intention is a bridge from the present moment to the next moment. Awareness of intention during repeated practice sessions benefits the areas of the brain we associate with well-being.
When we practice mindfully, we pay attention to our alertness during our erotic sessions. When we become aware that we have been distracted by thoughts or fantasies, we bring our consciousness back to the sensations, feelings, and movements of our body-in-practice. A single session with intent or a short placement of attention is not enough to change entrenched patterns in the brain. Regular practice over time expands and strengthens connections between neurons and creates new neurons.  

The more we practice, the more ingrained the neural pathways become, supporting our practice. This adaptability of the brain to restructure itself in response to repeated practice over time is called neuroplasticity.
According to eminent neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, mindful practice done over time produces enormous neurological benefit. Mindful practice helps us with “regulating our bodies, attuning to others, having emotional balance, calming fear, pausing before acting, having insight and empathy, being moral in our thinking and our actions, and having more access to intuition.”  

Siegel continues:  “With mindfulness practice we may become more nonjudgmental, develop equanimity, be more aware of what is going on as it is happening, and develop the capacity to label and describe with words our internal world. We may even develop the ability to have more self-observation.” (The Mindful Therapist, p. 31) 

In summary, erotic practices, when done mindfully over time, help us learn sex while developing our brains, benefiting the core of our human wellbeing. Mindful practice is the most powerful therapeutic and educational modality we currently possess. What motivation to engage in mindful erotic practice!