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Taking Some Time for Yourself – A Lesson on Masturbation Sleeves

By: Jamie Platt


As fun as a healthy sex life is, it's still important to pleasure yourself. After all, only you know exactly how fast and how firm for the best sensation. Women have vibrators and men have their sex toys too, the most common style of male toy is the pocket pussy. After working as a sales consultant for several years, I regularly receive calls from men asking what other discreet alternatives are available since many of these men are happily married and are not interested in something that resembles a fake vagina, they just want something basic to help masturbation feel better.  Luckily the masturbation sleeve is available and in my opinion is a superior choice for enjoying a better sensation.


Sure you can always use your hand but there are some features on these compact devices that feel far superior to your knuckles and some lube. As derived from this men's toy guide, they can be categorized into three types:


1.)   One of the best features is embedded beads in the core. When you stroke the sleeve over the erection, the jelly or silicone sleeve stretches and the plastic row of beads rub over your penis. As they squish in between your fingers the movement of the beads as you’re thrusting is something you'll certainly want again.


2.)   Another popular variation is the closed ended sleeve. These create an air suction as you're thrusting. When you insert your penis, the air gets pressed out and as you retreat, the chambers inside create a vacuum suction against your head. Some men say this feels similar to oral sex.


3.)   The third most common type of sleeve is open on both ends with a ribbed or bumpy tunnel inside. Even though they are lacking in stimulation compared to the other 2 types, it still feels great as the squishy feel surrounding your erection gets very slippery when wet.


If you'd like to know my professional opinion on which one is better, I like to suggest the first style, the beaded masturbation sleeve since customer feedback has been the most positive with this style.  Even if the masturbator you choose is not mentioned in the three points above, chances are you'll really enjoy it as I have never head a complaint about a sleeve. Make sure that you use lubricant every time this will reduce friction and prevent tears in the opening. After using rinse with liquid hand soap and water. With this proper care, your pleasure device should last a very long time.