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Affiliate Linking Options

Our Best Recommendation: The Full Monty

We recommend offering visitors to your website the full Orgasmic Yoga Institute Curriculum. We offer a variety of displays for your website.

Each display takes your customers to multiple landing places: the Orgasmic Yoga Institute front page and more than 18 classes. The classes in each display can be rearranged. You can choose any number of classes for your own grid.

Note: You need to change the introductory text, and you must replace the 'xxxxxxx' in all links with your own affiliate ID. This should be done in Front Page, Dreamweaver or a similar program. This can be done using "find and replace" on the page.  After these changes, upload the new page to your own site. This process requires that you are able to upload FTP images to your website, and that you have some degree of web expertise. Personal set up assistance is available. Email carol.eroticmassage [at] gmail.com.

Choose from the following displays (note updated prices on all models):

1. Cover art for both sites NEW!


2. Spacious with words for both sites NEW!


3. Cover Art: Orgasmic Yoga Institute


4. Spacious with Words: Orgasmic Yoga Institute

5. Customized- Promoting our two websites (same afflilate code)



In our experience, we have found embedded contextual links to be extremely effective. Links sprinkled throughout copy act as a reminder and give customers multiple launching points from your site to ours, thus increasing chances of an affiliate sale. You can put links on your website or in your emails to customers. Including links in an emailed newsletter is a great way to increase sales!



Link to Individual Classes

You can link directly to any of the Orgasmic Yoga Institute's classes. Click here for a list of these classes and the links to use for each one. Be sure to replace the 'xxxxxxx' with your Affiliate ID in each link.

Link directly to the Erotic Practice of the Week at the Orgasmic Yoga Institute.

Orgasmic Yoga Institute Banners

Just visit the Orgasmic Yoga Institute Banner Page, copy the HTML code which appears below the banners you wish to use, and paste it into the page(s) on your website, making sure to replace the 'xxxxxxx' with your Affiliate ID. That's all there is to it!